A step by step guide to your dog photography adventure

Step One: Pick a session to suit you

Decide whether you would like the full Dog Photography experience with one of my Great Outdoors sessions, or maybe you would like a specialised mini session such as my Bloomin' Marvellous sessions. If you are from out of town you would benefit from A Day Tripper session to save on travel costs.

Take a look at the list of sessions below and click the name to find out more details about each session.

Sessions include travel within a 15 mile radius from NG16, this covers Nottingham, the majority of Nottinghamshire, Derby and some of Derbyshire (See map). For any locations outside of this area you will be charged an extra 45p per mile*.


*excludes Day Tripper sessions.


Step Two: Let's get planning

Once you have decided what style you would like your dog to be photographed in, the next step is simple, either...

 Using the contact form, or online scheduling, let me know what type of session you are after. After that I will send you over a questionnaire with a few questions about you and your dog just so I can get to know you both a little better. We will also begin to discuss location ideas based on what your dog likes and dislikes. 

Once we are settled on a date, time and location the final stage of planning is to read and sign the contract and then it is finalised and you are all booked in!

Step Three: Let's  have fun!

 This is the best stage, your session day!

There is not really much for you to do at this stage apart from have fun. We will meet up at the specified location and head off to explore. Normally sessions will start with something fun for the dogs, whether this be exploring, playing ball or having zoomies. The intention here is to let them vent all that initial excitement. This is a great time for capturing those crazy action shots of your dog!

Once we are all used to each other and the dogs are more calm we can start to identify ideal locations for capturing more relaxed portraits of your dog (and you if you wish). 

Do not panic if your dog is not great at sit and stay or cannot be off lead, it is not necessary!

Each session is tailored to the dog so for those dogs who are too excitable to hold a sit we can capture more candid images of them on their walk. 

Step Four: Fall in love with your images

 This could also be the best stage, you get to see your final gallery!

Technically, I have missed a step where I take your images away to work my magic on them in the editing room, but you don't need to know about that, you just want to see the finished gallery of your dog looking all adorable!


So gallery reveal day! This can either be done with me in person so I can show you product samples etc, or in the comfort of your own home with a private gallery and online store. The choice is yours.


So now that you have your gallery you are going to need to decide what you would like to do with these images, are you looking for a statement piece of artwork for above the fire, or some digital files to share on social media?


All of my products can be seen in more detail on the Products Page and you can find a breakdown of all the prices on the Full Price List. 

If you feel like going a bit extravagant but are worried about the cost, please speak to me and we can work out a payment plan so you don't have to compromise due to budgets. 

Ready to get started?