My Day with Rockford

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I have to admit, up until I met Rockford, I had never heard of the breed Barbet. If like me you didn't know, a Barbet is a French water dog and the name Barbet comes from the french word barbe which means beard.

Now that we have all learnt something new, let's meet Rockford...

Ahh now the beard reference makes sense I hear you say.

When I met Rockford he was only 11 months old and he had just been for a groom so was looking very dapper. I met him and his mum Kathryn, who just so happens to be a photographer too (no pressure!), in Lambley, Nottingham. We met up at The Lambley, a lovely little village pub (I had a tea, honest) and then set off on our walk across the fields opposite. Kathryn told me she brings Rockford here often and I could see why, the fields were idyllic and provided some beautiful backdrops for our session.

Each field provided us with a new canvas of flowers, from buttercups and wild grass to fields of rapeseed. Rockford looked fantastic against the bright colours.

Due to his age, his mum was worried that he wouldn't sit and stay long enough for us to get decent images. To the surprise of both of us, Rockford sat there like a little rockstar until he was told to move, even when I moved position, he didn't budge! All he asked at the end is that he could play with his ball as a reward.

And how could we possibly say no to that face!

If you would like to book your own Spring Session, please get in touch and book your Seasonal Session now, you can find more information on the sessions page.

Thank you so much to Kathryn & Rockford for their session, and keep your eye out for the Barbet club of GB calendar, you might just see a familiar face!

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