Meet my new Brand Reps: Cheddar & Chester

I'm the first to admit that since I started this business, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Instagram and call it work! I have noticed a growing trend among dog businesses of having brand reps to promote their brands so I thought I would get in on the action.

What is a Brand Rep?

Essentially a Brand Rep is like a cheerleader for your Brand. They are someone who loves what you do and is happy to tell the world about it Often they offer a discount code to their followers and in return for referring people your way, they get offers and freebies from you. It's a win win situation for both parties.

When looking for a Brand Rep I had a few criteria in mind.

~ They must be local to me. It is no good having a Brand Rep that's half way across the country that I never see. I want my Brand Reps to be part of my team, I want to have regular meet ups, invite them along to events and just generally hang out!

~ They must have a decent following but more importantly have a good interaction with their followers.

~ They must be super cute! Well this is a given and in my eyes applies to every dog!

One account that ticked all of these boxes were Cheddar and Chester. I had chatted to them before on Instagram so I knew that they love to interact with their followers. They have an incredible 23k followers which is rapidly rising. And for the last point, just look at them...

I dropped them a message and was pleased when they were very quickly on board! We arranged to meet up and had the greatest day exploring my local area for their photoshoot. I decided to go for a more urban feel to their photos so we visited Bennerley Viaduct, which is a disused railway bridge along the Erewash canal.

The boys looked fantastic against the industrial backdrop and Cheddar even brought along this super cute denim jacket from Tiny Paws Boutique which suited the shoot perfectly.

If you are not already following Cheddar and Chester you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and they even have their own website. Keep an eye out for their special discount code which will get you 20% off one of my sessions!

It is great to have you on board boys and I look forward to many fun collaborations in the future!

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