Jack the Miniature Poodle

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Jack came to me for a Winter Session back in November. His mum was looking to get some wall art of him done for their home.

I met up with Jack and his owners on a bitterly cold morning at Wollaton Park. Jack didn't seem to mind the cold so much as he was wrapped up in an adorable red coat which he wore in between photos. Once we started playing with his favourite festive toy he forgot about the cold altogether even without his coat.

Even though Jack is 13 years old you would never tell as he raced up and down the field collecting his toy and bringing it back for us, making sure to strike a pose every so often in between play.

Jack was looking very dapper in his collar and bow tie combo from Ditsy Pet

Although it was a cold, bleak day, the natural tones of a winters day seemed to compliment Jack perfectly.

And he rocked the windswept look like a true superstar!

I really hope I have even half as much energy as Jack does when I reach old age. There is still plenty of life left in this 13 year old!

By the time we had finished the session my fingers were numb but after a coffee and some poodle cuddles in the cafe we had all defrosted.

When it came to the gallery reveal consultation I had unfortunately made it a bit too difficult for Jack's owners to settle on which images they would like printing. After much debate, they decided that they would like a 24x18 Aluminium Print to have pride of place in their living room. They also printed off a few smaller prints to give to family.

I was so pleased that they chose the close up of Jack for the big print (top image) and I was not disappointed when the print arrived from the printers. It looked absolutely stunning!

My photos honestly do not do this artwork justice. Jack's owner nearly didn't get this print as I wanted it for my own wall!

The detail and colours that the Aluminium prints offer are just spectacular.

If you are interested in getting artwork like this commissioned for your own home, please take a look at the products page for the full range along with some tips for finding the right size for your home. From here you can also download the Full Price Guide which includes all the prices of wall art.

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