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This post is a guest blog by Laura from Charlie's Rewarding Pet Nutrition. She is going to answer a few common questions about your dog's nutritional needs.

Getting your dog’s nutrition right can be a nightmare. There are so many grey areas and pet food packaging is so confusing. All made worse if your dog has sensitivities to certain ingredients or has extra requirements to meet too. At Charlie’s Rewarding Pet Nutrition, we want to make pet nutrition fun and easy to understand for everybody! So, we thought we’d help clear up a few common queries for you. Here we go!

Different diets suit different dogs

Dog Nutrition can be a controversial and emotive subject amongst dog owners. Many people profess that certain food styles are the only option for dogs to be healthy. The reality? Dogs are all individuals, like us, and different diets suit different dogs. Some dogs thrive on a high meat or raw diets, but for others a lower protein diet including grains is preferable. There are many options to choose from, so try to find the best fit for your pooch.

What is body condition?

Body condition is a way to measure whether your dog carries too little, or a little extra body fat. We use this method as there are so many breeds and types of dog with widely varying weights! This means that measuring weight alone can be misleading. Body condition charts show the body shape changes which occur between “very underweight” to “very overweight” dogs, to allow us to decipher the condition of our own pets. Dogs of an ideal body condition have a visible waist and their ribs should be felt as though through a velvet blanket.

Feeding treats and finding a balance

Everybody loves feeding treats to their dog. It is a way to bond with them, which makes it mutually enjoyable for you both. However, it is important to find a balance. A dog’s nutrition is different to our own, and the little tit bits we feed throughout the day have a huge impact on their overall diet. To reach a happy balance try substituting your dog’s treats with small pieces of fruits, vegetables, and even natural yoghurt! Remember too that feeding your dog is not the only way to bond with them. Playing and fussing your pooch are also fantastic ways to create a fantastic bond. Also, treats don’t need to be food! Their favourite toy, activity or even a fuss are wonderful ways to treat your canine companion!

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Thank you so much to Laura for writing this blog, hopefully you have learnt a thing or two about nutrition for your dog.

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