A perfect day out at Wolds Way Lavender

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Every year I love looking at other photographers beautiful portraits taken in the lavender fields. This year I was determined to get there myself and be able to tick lavender shoots off my photographers bucket list!

I was not disappointed!

Armed with our dog models, me and my friend booked tickets for Wolds Way Lavender in Malton, Yorkshire, as it is dog friendly. The first thing that strikes you as you walk in is the sight of the beautiful sea of purples, closely followed by that heavenly scent of lavender. The dogs loved wandering round, sniffing all the different scents.

I will be honest, before this trip I didn't realise that there was so many different types of lavender, each offering a different shade of purple or white.

The place is a labyrinth of pretty stone paths which allow you to wander through the beds of lavender.

The rows of lavender make the perfect spot for capturing cute moments with your dog or stunning portraits. No matter what colour your dogs fur they are guaranteed to pop against the vibrant purple of the lavender.

If you are bringing the whole family then there is a miniature railway that travels around the site, a willow maze with giant games, foot golf and a host of other activities to entertain the kids.

Wolds Way Lavender is 100% worth a visit and I will definitely be making a yearly trip as I am obsessed with how these images came out.

If you are interested in a lavender session for you and your dog then fill out the form on the Bloomin' Marvellous page and I will be in touch when I arrange my next visit.

You can visit Wolds Way Lavender to see their beautiful lavender crops between July and September, to learn more take a look at their website or give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram

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