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Are you like me and love to take photos of your dog? Maybe they have their own Instagram page and you would love to improve your content? If you would like to improve your dog photography and editing skills, but don't have the budget for an expensive professional course, or the time to spend hours trawling Youtube videos, then I will be sharing everything I have learnt so far on my journey into Dog Photography in my new online community The Dog Tog Chronicles.

Tutorials will be created using examples from my own Dog Photography portfolio and my own workflow. You will see first hand how I edit my work, mistakes included, with explanation to why I chose a particular method and what things to avoid. Each video will focus on a different challenge faced when shooting and editing dog photography such as:

* Editing out leads in Photoshop
* The best and worst outdoor lighting conditions
* Applying and using presets
* Editing in Lightroom - what you need and what you don't
* Camera settings for different situations, from portraits to action shots

I will be taking regular polls to find out what content you want to see and the areas you wish to improve with your photography. Once the community grows I will look at including guest posts from other photographers and Instagram accounts to provide a different outlook on Dog Photography.

During the course I will be working primarily on Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop. If you are interested in subscribing for these programmes, please click the advert below.


*Please note this is an affiliate link meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you use this link and make a purchase.

What my members say... 

I was really pleased when I found out that Emma is starting an online dog photography course, as I always liked the natural feel of her photos, and I was keen to learn more about the subject. I've been really enjoying the course and in the last 7 weeks, my photography has massively improved. Each week there is a new topic and a new challenge what allows me to learn in a fun and creative way. The members of the workshop are very supportive, and I find their opinion very helpful and constructive. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in dog photography!