It's a Dog's Life Sessions

Capture memories at every life stage

A dog's only problem is they grow up too fast. One minute you have a cute little puppy and before you know it they are a boisterous adolescent and in the blink of an eye they are slowing down and enjoying their senior years.

Make sure you capture memories at every stage of their life so you never forget a moment with them. It's a Dog's Life sessions can be booked in blocks of multiple sessions and spread over the life of your dog.

How does it work?

Book 1, 2, 3 or even 4 sessions for your dog to capture them at the different stages of their life. It doesn't matter what age your dog joins your family, we can discuss which events in their life would be best to capture.

Some ideas could be:

~ Puppy stage (0-6 months)

~ Their first week at home (ideal for rescue dogs)

~ A Birthday, could be their 1st birthday or any birthday

~ Your dog's Gotcha Day, celebrate the anniversary of them joining the family

~ Senior sessions, for your mature dog

~ That not quite an adult but not a puppy either stage (6-12 months)

~ First Dog Show for show dogs

It's a Dog's Life Sessions

Each session includes the following:

~ 1 hour photography experience for 1 dog

(Extra £10 per additional dog)

~ A private gallery of 15-20 images to choose from

~ £75 product credit to spend on images or Wall Art


Additional images, prints and wall art will be available to buy via the gallery shop.  


For the first session


For each additional session

At the time of booking we will discuss a rough timeline for when you would like your sessions to be however these will not be set in stone and you can message me at any point if you would like to claim one of your sessions sooner. 

The £80 additional sessions will only be available at the time of booking your first session, if you add additional sessions on after this time the price will go back to £95

If a session is paid for but not fulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances, the remaining sessions can either be transferred to another dog or the cost of that session can be given in product credit to spend on previous galleries.