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Bring the adventure home

with beautiful artwork to make your house a home.

Question...how many photos do you have of your dog? I'm guessing if you are like most dog owners, the answer is quite a lot, your phone memory is probably full of cute snaps of your dog sleeping or doing something daft.

So let me ask you a different question, how many photos do you have printed and displayed in your home of your dog?

Now I imagine the answer to that question is none or not a lot.

Displaying photos of our dogs, or just photos in general these days, doesn't seem to be high on people's list of priorities. Gone are the days when you would get all of your photos developed and frame some around the house and then keep the rest in photo albums. Now we just put them all on social media, but then what? How often do you scroll back through your phone or social feed and revisit those photos and relive those moments? My guess is not very often, and what should happen if we lose or break our phone, or get locked out of our social media accounts (trust me it happens!).

This doesn't seem like much of an issue when our dogs are around every day so we can see their cute face, or the derpy tongue they get after running around too much, but what about when they are not? Will those phone snaps be enough then?

My aim is to create beautiful artwork for dog owners to fill their homes with, so that their love for their dog can be proudly on display for anyone who visits. So those cute little quirks about your dog, that you love so much, will always be there to make you smile every single day. That is the power of a good portrait. 


Create memories & muddy paws

Dog Photography for adventure loving dogs & their owners in and around Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

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Craft your perfect adventure

Every session with me is tailored towards you and the personality of your dog. Whether your dog is quiet and reserved, or a crazy ball loving nutter, there is an adventure out there to suit everyone. I want to understand the bond between you and your dog and I want to learn more about how you like to spend your time together. This way I can craft beautiful meaningful artwork for you that fills you and your home with joy.


The Great Outdoors

Let's get out and explore the best the great outdoors has to offer, muddy paws welcome

Starting at £195


It's a Dog's Life

Capture memories throughout your dog's life with these multi session experiences.

Starting at £265

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About Me

Hi, I'm Emma. Thank you for making your way to my little slice of the internet. If you haven't realised yet, I'm very much a dog person, it is such a special honour to share your life with a dog, they are much more than just a pet, they are 100% family.

My journey into photography started when I adopted Hendrix, my husky. I fell in love with capturing our memories together, documenting our days out as a family. I love having a sidekick to explore nature with and a reason to spend more time outdoors.

Nature is my happy place, I feel most at peace out exploring somewhere wild, especially with my dog at my feet. I think it is important that we do what we can to protect nature, leave nothing behind but footprints (or paw prints). To do my bit to help reduce my impact on our planet, I pledge to plant trees for every session booked with me and only partner with companies that share my passion for sustainability. 


My latest adventures

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